What Fluoride Does for Your Teeth

Sep 15, 2023

Are you considering fluoride treatment? Many people do not realize how crucial fluoride is for teeth — the mineral that transforms your teeth into a much healthier and stronger version. This treatment is what your teeth need to regain their health and battle the possible dental concerns. In this blog, we will talk about what […]

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What are the Different Types Of Dental Fillings?

Aug 30, 2023

A dental filling procedure stops the cavity from spreading any further. By removing the decayed area in the affected tooth, your dentist will create space to insert the filling material. You can bid adieu to the cavity and smile with your restored tooth, which otherwise might have required a root canal or another treatment had […]

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Food Stuck in Wisdom Tooth Hole is a Thing of the Past with These 5 Methods

Jul 30, 2023

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole? Your dentist will provide aftercare instructions for safe and fast recovery following your wisdom tooth extraction. However, even if you’re consuming soft foods, food particles might lodge in the empty socket. To prevent the complications this can bring, you should flush out the food debris. We will mention effective […]

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Why You Have Tooth Sensitivity After Crown — What to Do?

Jul 15, 2023

Do you have tooth sensitivity after receiving your dental crown? Slight discomfort and sensitivity are not rare after dental crown treatment. Your permanent crown may be sensitive to hot and cold, along with sudden pain or discomfort that takes place when you bite down. The good news is it will go away after some time, […]

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Abscess After Tooth Extraction — What to Expect?

Jun 30, 2023

A bump on the gum is usually the chief indication that you may be dealing with a periodontal or dental infection. Filled with bacteria, pus, and other contaminants, the abscess forms near the affected tooth. You will require emergency dental care at the onset of the painful symptoms that the pus pocket brings forth, which […]

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