Sinus Lift In Houston, TX

When a tooth is missing in the upper back portion of the mouth, sometimes there is not enough bone available to support a dental implant. When an implant is needed to be placed, the sinus pocket around the diminished bone could be damaged. So, a procedure can be performed directly or indirectly to help add bone in the area of the sinus and make it stable enough to place a dental implant.

The procedure involves using special instruments to deliver and condense synthetic or sterile harvested bone material through the opening into the sinus. As the bone graft is delivered into the sinus, it gently lifts the membrane upward as it begins to occupy the space. Once the bone graft is placed, the implant is placed along with a special healing cap, and the area is allowed to heal. During this time, the synthetic material solidifies around the implant and permanently blends into the natural bone tissue. After the site has fully healed, the bone will have regained its original strength and stability, and the replacement tooth can be loaded onto the implant. With the implant placement complete, your tooth is restored to ideal shape and function.

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Sinus Lift – Lateral Window

Indirect sinus lift

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a sinus lift procedure take?
A Sinus lift procedure can take one to three hours. The lateral window sinus lift procedure is more invasive and takes more time. The patients that need the lateral window direct sinus lift procedure have very little bone and a much larger sinus cavity. The indirect sinus lift procedure is minimally invasive but the patient has to be a good candidate. Both procedures can be done with the placements of implants.
Is the sinus lift procedure painful? Will I be sedated?
For the direct sinus lift procedure, sedation is recommended because the procedure takes 1 to 3 hours. Our priority is for the patient to be as comfortable as possible and for the procedures to be as effective and quick. In those regards, IV sedation helps both the patient and the surgeon.
Can the sinus lift procedure be performed together with a dental implant surgery?
It can be. If the patient undergoes the indirect sinus lift, implants can usually be placed. When approaching the sinus directly however, it can be more difficult but it depends on how much bone is available. We recommend scheduling a consult with Dr Garza to get a treatment plan for your unique situation.
How effective is the sinus lift procedure?
It is very effective and a great option for a patient who has been missing teeth in the posterior area.
What kind of material is used in the sinus lift procedure?
There are many different types of bone graft materials that can be used. Most are synthetic materials that can be mixed with animal or human cadaver bone that is rich in antibiotics and growth factors. Other materials are collagen membranes and PRF, platelet rich fibrin, that is taken from the patient’s own blood.
Is the sinus lift a risky procedure?
There are always risks with any procedure. Sinus exposure is a risk and can lead to postop complications if not managed properly. Sinus exposures are not an emergency but could lead to delaying the bone grafting procedure, thus, delaying the placement of the implant.
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