Wisdom Teeth Removal – How Long Would It Last?

If this is the first time you are going to get your wisdom teeth pulled out, thinking about how long would your wisdom teeth removal take is a given. It may seem like a tiring full-day job, but the time is dependent on several factors, which we have discussed below.

In a nutshell, a wisdom tooth extraction process does not take longer than 20 to 30 minutes under standard conditions.

How Long Does A Wisdom Teeth Surgery Take To Finish?

In a standard setup, the whole surgery will take about half an hour at most. However, these key situations influence the total time taken:

  1. One or all four wisdom teeth need extraction.
  2. If you have a dental infection or not, and at what stage?
  3. The location of teeth.
  4. Sharp stabbing tooth pain.
  5. Gum health.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Here are some things to look forward to on the day of your extraction.

  • Your dentist will start off with your tooth examination. The severity of your condition decides the kind of remedy it requires.
  • Once the prior setup is done, your dentist will start numbing the area of extraction.
  • After the numbing kicks in, your dental removal process will start.
  • Next up is spacing; after that is done, your dentist pulls the tooth out from its roots with the help of its tools.
  • They may or may not go for stitches to close the wound.

Each tooth takes around 20 to 30 minutes long (wisdom teeth removal)

Healing Process After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

“How long does it take to heal completely after wisdom teeth removal?”

It is normal to feel discomfort to a mild extent and, pain which goes away with external help. Do not worry if you also have swelling and inflammation; it will come down in the next 3-4 days.

However, if the discomfort is unbearable for you, ask your dentist to prescribe legal drugs to deal with your pain or swelling. If you do not want to go for that, an ice pack can help a lot too.

On the flip side, it is not just the cold that works; you can use a warm cloth on your outer jaw to reduce gum and overall mouth soreness.

Make sure that you modify your lifestyle too. Dietary changes are necessary to cater to your mouth until it is feasible to eat normally in the long run.

Opt for soft or semi-solid foods, along with plenty of water and juice intake for the first few days.

Final Words

In case you have more questions about the wisdom teeth removal process, don’t shy away and get in touch with experts from Champions Dental. Dial (281) 866-0442 to connect with us.

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