Why Do I Have Hole In My Gums?

Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

Your gums are fleshy oral mucosal tissues that perfectly line your jaw to hold the teeth. You might not be able to notice major changes happening to it; however, a hole in the gums is quite noticeable. Do not push your panic button yet; let’s see how grave the situation is.

What Does It Mean To Have A Hole In The Gums?

A hole is not like a puncture but more like a hollow area in the gums. There are various reasons linked to its appearance, some of which are mentioned below:

Hole In Gums – Causes

Open Tooth Socket
An open socket is common after tooth extraction. This socket closes with the help of a blood scab soon after; however, if it does not or if the blood mesh/scab dislodges, it can result in dry socket formation—a very severe pain condition.

When bacteria in the mouth go overboard, it leads to plaque formation. If the issue is left untreated, it may get worse and become an infection known as gingivitis. The main issues this infection of the gums presents are hole formation, inflammation, or pus pocket formation.

Gingivitis is a precursor for periodontitis; it is the severe version of gum disease. Periodontitis can cause more serious troubles like bone loss or even sepsis.

Necrotizing Periodontal Disease
Your gums may change how they look, more like they have punched-out lesions. This may be because of a rare type of gum disease, which is known as necrotizing periodontal disease. People who have weak immune systems are more susceptible to this disease.

Treatment for Gum Holes
The treatment is majorly based on the root cause.

Deep Dental Cleaning
A 2 -step process that includes scaling and root planing. The first part is the scaling of teeth. The dentist scrapes off calcified plaque known as tartar, which is the main reason for gum to recede, forming pockets or holes. Then, root-planing ensures the deeper layer is not left with any bacteria.

Pocket Eliminating Procedure
the hollow pocket can be reversed with the help of flap surgery. In this procedure, the tissues are sliced open, and bacteria, plaque, or tartar are removed and attached back to their place in a better fashion to remove any holes around the gum.

Gum grafting
A procedure that works best for receding gums. A portion of your healthy tissue is extracted from a healthy place and set where the gum line has receded.

if the condition deters severely, antibiotics can kill off the bacteria.

Prevention Tips
The following regime and prevention tips can help:

  1. Brush and floss at least twice every day.
  2. Gently brush your teeth, not creating an issue for the gums.
  3. Select the best kind of toothpaste infused with minerals to help strengthen teeth and tissues.
  4. Make sure to plan professional dental cleaning sessions with your dentist at least twice a year.
  5. Smoking cessation.
  6. Limit sugary foods.

Final Words

You must take care of your oral cavity and schedule regular screenings so that in case of any changes, the dentist can detect and treat it early before the situation worsens. If you live in Houston, contact the best dentist from Champions Dental at Cutten Road for a detailed discussion; dial (281) 866-0442 to connect with us.

Dr. Esteban Garza, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Esteban Garza, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Esteban Garza, a Texas native with roots in the Rio Grande Valley, boasts a diverse educational and professional background. After completing his Biology degree at Texas A&M, he transitioned from teaching to dentistry, earning his DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Garza’s commitment to excellence for over 15 years, is evident through his extensive education in various dental specialities, culminating in prestigious accolades like the Fellowship Award in 2016 and the Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2020, achieved by less than 2% of dentists. 


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