Can A Loose Dental Implant Be Saved?

Feb 15, 2024 | Blog

Imagine that you just got your dental implant after months of waiting and allowing your mouth to heal. However, lately, something feels off about the implant, with the prosthetic crown feeling loose. Although this is not common, a loose dental implant can be a huge oral issue since it means that your body has ultimately rejected the implant. But is there a way to reverse these effects? Can a loose dental implant be saved, or does it mean the end of your tooth restoration journey? To find out the answers to these questions and more, make sure to read this blog till the end.

What to Do if a Dental Implant Comes Loose?

Discovering that your dental implant is loose can be concerning, but it is crucial to remain calm and take the appropriate steps to get it tightened immediately. The first step is to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. The dentist or oral surgeon will evaluate the implant and determine the cause of the looseness.

However, until you can see your dentist, it is important to avoid chewing from the affected side of your mouth. You will also need to refrain from eating hard or sticky foods that could further damage the implant. Nevertheless, you can continue to brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent any complications or infections from developing around the loose implant.

Can a Loose Dental Implant Be Saved?

While in many cases, a loose dental implant can be saved, it ultimately depends on the treatment method and the looseness of the implant. For instance, if the dental implant is on the verge of falling out, there is no treatment that could save it, as it is a sign that your body is rejecting the implant. However, being able to save a loose implant also largely depends on various factors, such as the cause of the looseness, the extent of the condition, and how quickly it is treated.

How to Fix a Loose Dental Implant

If you are looking to fix a loose dental implant, the treatment will vary depending on the underlying cause and severity of the issue. Nevertheless, the most preferred treatment option is to get it tightened. However, this only works if the implant is only slightly loose. The dentist might be able to tighten it to secure it back in place, but the implant will need to be accessed through the gum tissue since the abutment will need to be fixed.

If the implant is in a complicated position and the bone surrounding the implant has deteriorated, then you may need to get a bone graft for additional support. But if even bone grafting doesn’t work then the implant will have to be completely removed and replaced with a new implant.

What’s Next?

Finding out that you have a loose dental implant can be unsettling, but that is precisely why it is necessary to get immediate treatment for it in order to save it. For more information or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact Champions Dental at (281) 866-0442 today.

Dr. Esteban Garza, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Esteban Garza, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Esteban Garza, a Texas native with roots in the Rio Grande Valley, boasts a diverse educational and professional background. After completing his Biology degree at Texas A&M, he transitioned from teaching to dentistry, earning his DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Garza’s commitment to excellence for over 15 years, is evident through his extensive education in various dental specialities, culminating in prestigious accolades like the Fellowship Award in 2016 and the Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2020, achieved by less than 2% of dentists. 


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