Month: August 2022

Brown Spot on Tooth: 8 Possible Reasons Why You Might Have It

Aug 30, 2022

Nobody hates having a picture-perfect smile. It enhances your confidence and adds to your charm. But even a hint of stain or discoloration has the tendency to make your smile less attractive. Aesthetics is not all you should be concerned about, as these discolored spots can also indicate the need for a visit to the […]

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What Do These White Spots on My Gums Mean?

Aug 15, 2022

Detecting white spots on your gums might make you stressed regarding your oral health. But before you assume the worst, these marks can signify mild to serious health issues. Hence, learning the causes and symptoms might help you get an idea of where your oral health stands. They can appear in patches, lace-like webs, or […]

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