Month: October 2021

Why You Have A Bony Protrusion on Gums | Causes and Explanation

Oct 30, 2021

You’re very familiar with the inside of your mouth, so noticing something unusual can be cause for concern. One common occurrence is that you notice a sudden bony protrusion on your gums. It might feel smooth, but it also might feel sharp. Worse still, it might be irritating the soft tissues or the tongue nearby. […]

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What To Do For A Pimple Under The Tongue | Causes and Treatment

Oct 15, 2021

You rely on your mouth to function throughout the day. Speaking, chewing, and eating are all critical functions that you rely on, and any disruption of these can cause significant discomfort. That’s why if you’ve suddenly discovered a pimple under your tongue, it can be quite annoying and even painful. That’s why this post will […]

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